Alzheimer’s/ Dementia

We specialize in the care of your loved ones with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As the disease process progresses, it gets harder for family members to meet the needs of their loved ones in the home. As a result, they feel they are left with no other option than to place their loved ones in unknown, unrecognizable, hospital like settings of a skilled nursing facility.

As a Nurse Registry, we are here to let you know that YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS. Our caregivers provide one on one care to your loved ones. We stay in the home with them in their familiar surroundings with their family and preserve their Dignity and Quality of life. We make it our priority to keep your loved ones engaged in stimulating tasks appropriate to their stage of disease process and not just lying in a bed.

We offer day to day management of care by keeping your loved ones clean, bathed, groomed, fed and stimulated physically and mentally. All of our patients receive an RN assessment and a care plan that is developed by the RN, patient, and family for the caregiver to follow. Any changes in the patient’s condition are reported directly to the RN for further evaluation and notification to their Primary Care Physician if appropriate.

YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS…Call us today for a No Obligation RN Assessment and let us make a difference for you and your loved ones life.